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1. Upload All Of Your Listings, For Free

Whether you’ve got 1 property for sale or 1000, you can upload as many listings as you want, for free. We do not charge any start-up or subscription fees. We are convinced that the performance of each listing is what matters.

2. Advertise On Your Terms

We don’t make you commit to an advertising contract for one or two years. That’s why your partnership with us can be paused at any time and for any reason. You can manage all your listings individually in the Govesta Dashboard, so you always remain in control of your costs.

3. Get the client directly on your website

How much have you invested in your brand new website? If you are like us, then it is probably a lot! Your clients should have the chance to see it, right? When somebody shows an interest in your property, Govesta sends them directly to your website. This creates many new possibilities. For example, you can optimise your website according to user behaviour. You can retarget your visitors, or create lookalike audiences on other advertising channels.

4. International Buyers

Buy anywhere, sell anywhere! That’s our vision. Our customer base is international, coming mostly from European countries. With Govesta, you’ll have a presence in the best property markets around the world, giving you easy access to foreign buyers. Our team has over 10 years of work experience in digital advertising. We know how to find the right people for your property.

5. Connected With The Best Property Management Software

We are connected with the best property management software providers, including OnOffice, Flowfact, and Propstack. And if you have more than 100 objects to advertise, we will develop a fully connected API with your database at no additional cost.

6. Track Your Performance In Real-Time

We are an online marketing tech company. We understand that a data-driven approach is what makes a successful advertising campaign. That’s why we give every advertiser free access to our performance dashboard, where you can track property performance in real-time. Understand where your visitors are coming from, but also where your costs are coming from, and optimize.

7. Your Listings On The Best Product

Govesta’s mission is to be the best property search platform in the world. To achieve this, we focus on creating the best user experience possible, so people can find their dream home in just a few clicks. Equally important is creating a great brand. We develop our own brand through high-quality, unique content, which we publish on the Govesta Journal. Advertising on Govesta amplifies your brand, rather than diminishing it.

8. Expert Advice To Improve Your Website

Once you work with Govesta, our team of experts is happy to analyze your website and give advice on how to improve. Sometimes just a small change can make a huge difference. Enjoy free, expert consulting while working with Govesta.

9. Join The Next Big Thing In Real Estate

We are young, fresh and ready to revolutionize the real estate market. After 10 years spent in the online industry, the Govesta team is putting their heads together to build a powerful platform for buyers and sellers. Over the next 2 years, we are planning very strong European growth and we want our first partners to remain the closest.

10. Test Govesta for free

Sign-up to Govesta and get your first 100 customers for free. There is no long-term commitment, and so there is no risk. We can’t wait to have you on board!